Thursday, May 9

Recent trades

Short USDCAD, Daily entry @1.00694 at the break of the red big candle.

 Target hit @1.00250 for a gain of +45

Long GBPJPY, Daily entered @153.996 on the pullback candle.

Edited Thursday, May 09 at 3:49PM
GBPJPY target was hit @155.750 for a gain of +175

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  1. Hi DB.. how are you? You haven't update your blog for a while. Must be busy eh?
    Everyone need to take a break. After forgetting about trading and my trading blog for a while, I am ready for a new start.

    Keep on learning. trading is a marathon.

    Sometime it is boring and worthless. On the other side, I want to build the skill to trade well and make a living from it.